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Michael J. Mehlberg
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And it had nothing to do with fitness…

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I spent the last day in agony.

Nine tips a professional procrastinator (me) have used to consistently reclaim my motivation and build momentum year after year

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It happens every year.

Imploring all Americans to take a new approach and heal our great divide

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Why are we fighting?

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Fact — I hate life hacks.

1. Stop treating caffeine like it’ll wake you up (that’s not how it works)

We believe caffeine wakes us…

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One moment, you’re working on a project. The next, a phone call comes in.

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I’m looking for an answer. For all of us.

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Greek God though he was, the all-powerful Zeus couldn’t seem to make women fall in love with him. At least, he couldn’t make one.

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I started strong.

“Some pay to see me win, some pay to see me lose, but they all pay.” — Floyd Mayweather

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They called it “The Fight of the Century.”

Finding Real Value in a Mountain of Manipulation and Deception

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“I think that there’s become a very clickbait mentality among a lot of reporters, where they’re more interested in their clip or their click than they are about the truth and the facts.” — Sean Spicer

In 2008, settled a false advertising lawsuit with over three million people. It cost them a cool $9.5 million.

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